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What is Dolostar?

Dolostar is the growing sports session of aptitude and skills offering a single-match fantasy cricket to an ever-increasing customer-base!

How can I register?

Registering with Dolostar is as easy as it seems! You could register by filing a valid email id and setting a password or you could tap on “Instant Connect with Facebook” to register with your Facebook account or ‘Instant Connect with Google’ to register with your Google account.

Why am I unable to login to my account?

Try checking if your registered email id and password are entered accurately and try signing in once more. In the event that you've forgotten your password, tap on 'Forgot Password' and enter your enlisted email ID to receive a link to reset your password within a couple of minutes! On the off chance that you've forgotten your registered email id, connect with us at Contact Us.

How can I change my password?

When you are signed in, go to 'My Profile', select 'Change Password' and tap on 'Save Changes'.

How many Fantasy cricket team can I make with the same email Id?

You can make only a single account with one email id on Dolostar. Creating numerous accounts by a single gamer is strictly disallowed and it violates our FairPlay strategy.

Would I be able to update/edit my data?

You can alter the majority of your information on Dolostar. This is how:

  1. On the Dolostar website, look for 'My Profile' and look for 'Edit Profile' and edit the required information and save it.
  2. On desktop/web, you can head to ‘Contests'. Here, you can update/alter your full name and contact number along with details like your date of birth, address and state if your Dolostar account is 'Unsubstantiated' Or ‘Unverified’. Keep in mind, the team name picked by you and the email id and phone number enlisted once can't be changed.

I'm certain I have the correct username password yet I can't seem to login.

That is abnormal! On the off chance that you are a registered user on Dolostar and have entered valid details yet unable to login, please drop us an email us at Contact Us.  Our Customer Care group will gladly help you.

I didn't get any email with the change password link.

  1. Kindly check your spam mail as the email could have been marked as ‘Spam’ by your mailbox. Mark the email from Dolostar as 'Not Spam'. Additionally, add [email protected] to your contacts so to receive mails from us henceforth.
  2. You may have entered an alternate email id than the one you’ve used for registration. For any help, please drop us an email at Contact Us.

I don't know much about cricket – would I still be able to play?

In the event that you are not very sure about cricket related knowledge, don't stress! You can increase some profitable experience and learning as you play more of Fantasy Cricket. You can likewise look at our Dolostar 'Master' to pick up a better understanding of the matches and players. You can rehearse with the Free Leagues prior to partaking in the Cash and private leagues.


Playing the Game

How would I play on Dolostar?

Take these few basic steps to play on Dolostar:

  1. Register/Log into your Dolostar account
  2. Tap the ‘Create Team’ icon to create your team of 11 players (including a Captain and Vice-Captain) within a spending budget of 100 credits from every one of the players in the match.
  3. You can join any free or cash contest of your choice. Money challenges let you win money and requires an charge, for which we give provide payment modules such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net banking and Wallets.
  4. As the live matches begin, your team earns points based on the actual performance of the players chosen by you. After the end of the match the final ranks, points & winners of the match are declared.

When does Fantasy Cricket begin on Dolostar?

Fantasy Cricket on Dolostar begins when the due date for the match closes. The due date (indicated by the commencement ticker) is generally 1 hour before the beginning of the match.

How do I choose my team?

Sign in to your Dolostar account and tap on the 'Create Team' button for the match you need to join. Make your group of 11 players (counting a Captain and Vice-Captain) within a spending budget of 100 credits from every one of the players in the match. For more information, please visit our 'Help' section.

Would I be able to change my Fantasy Cricket group for future matches?

Indeed, you are required to make another group for each match on Dolostar.

What happens in the scenario where one of my selected cricketers does not play in the round?

Choose your group precisely! Any player picked by you who does not play in the beginning 11 in the matches (included in the match) does not get any points.

How many players are needed to number of players are needed to create a team?

You have to choose 11 players to make a group with at least 3 bowlers, 3 batsmen, 1 all-rounder and 1 wicket keeper, while the other 3 players can be for any category. For more details on team combinations, please visit our 'Help' segment.

Would I be able to pick players from one side only?

You can choose not more than 6 players from each side. The rest of the players must be from the opposite side.

I've spent my whole budget before choosing all of the 11 players. How would I finish my team?

The challenge of Dolostar itself is to make your team inside the financial plan of 100 credits given to you.

What is the use of a Captain in a team?

A Captain shows others how it’s done! The player you be your team's Captain will gain 3 times the points and the Vice-Captain you pick will win 2 times the points for his execution. Along these lines, choose carefully!

When I roll out changes to my team, to what extent does it take for the same to reflect?

The changes are reflected almost instantly! You can roll out unlimited alterations to your team anytime before the due date hits for a match.

Would I be able to alter/edit my team during the round?

You can make and alter your group only before the due date, which is generally 1 hour preceding the beginning of the match. Thus, watch out for the ticker!

When do you refresh the squads for rounds on Dolostar?

As per the alerts from our service providers, the squads for matches highlighted on Dolostar can continue getting refreshed until the due date for that match. Keep a constant eye on such updates till the due date for the particular matches.

How to see my team's rank?

You can tap on the match for which you have made your team and click 'Joined' tab just above the contest options and afterward tap on the 'Arrow' button to see the refreshed points and positions for yourself and your opponents in that challenge.

How can I change my team name?

Sadly, you can't change your group name once registered. Pick your team name carefully!

How would I make multiple teams for a similar match?

You are empowered to create multiple teams only after creating your first team. You can make numerous groups by clicking ‘Plus (+) Icon' above your team on the contests page.

What number of teams can I create for a single match?

A maximum of 3 separate teams can be created for a single match.

Would I be able to join the same challenge using multiple teams?

You can join just a single challenge with one team. However, challenges, which show ‘Multi Entry’ on them, enable you to join the same contest with multiple teams.

Would I be able to select which of my teams will compete in a challenge (Team 1 or Team 2) subsequent to joining?

Indeed! You can pick your team in a challenge (Choose Team 1 or Team 2 to contend) from the 'Joined contests' tab until the due date.


Scores & Points

In what way will I score points?

Your score will depend upon how the players chosen by you perform in real matches. Along these lines, ensure you pick a profitable partnership to win! Visit the  'How to play Fantasy Cricket' page and select 'Dolostar Points System' for more information.

How frequently do the scores get updated?

Points are typically refreshed at regular intervals! Once the match is over, your group's aggregate and your rank are updated. After the verification of the points winners are proclaimed and winnings are conveyed!

I have made my group before the due date, so for what reason hasn't my group got any points yet?

Points are granted to your group just when the live match starts.

Which site is used for your reference to update points?

All our live scores are procured from reliable sources. We may likewise also refer to different scorecards and live score fee for example, representing bodies to revise and check the score sustain and guarantee precise calculation of points.

Will I get points for Man of the Match?

There are no points granted for Man of the Match.

In case of a tie between users, in what manner will you circulate the prize?

In case of any tie between 2 or more users, the cash prize is divided equally.

Do I get focuses for a Super Over in a Match?

We don't consider the Super Over on Dolostar. The runs/wickets scored by the players are not considered in their official records.

How might I cross check my group's focuses?

You can cross check your focuses by tapping on the 'Scorecard' interface on the challenges page. In the event that you need to cross check your group's focuses with the focuses framework once more, visit our ‘Points System' area on the 'How to Play Fantasy Cricket' page.

On the off chance that a player is sent off by the umpires for unfortunate behavior in a universal cricket coordinate, does despite everything he score focuses on Dolostar once he's back on the field?

Any player who is sent off by the umpires for genuine wrongdoing administered by the ICC Playing Conditions for International Matches (viable Sept 28, 2017) will score and hold indicates on Dolostar agreeing our standard focuses framework for his commitment amid his opportunity on the field. In the event that the player is permitted to take the field later in a similar match, he will by and by be qualified to score focuses for the span of his stay on the field.

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