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Introduction of Legality: always takes care to protect the users from any legal risk, in accordance with central and state legislations in India. All the Fantasy League or tournaments as available on website are carefully designed as per the statutes & regulations in India.


Games of Skill:

Fantasy games are entirely depends on the chance & skill:


Games of chance, where your winning situation entirely depends on your mere luck & the result is doubtful and uncertain and human cannot predict estimate result in his/her mind or efforts to influence the result.


Game of Skill, where results are depends primarily upon the ‘Skill’ of participant. Skill plays a vital role & results depends upon the training, relative knowledge, attention, experience of the participants. Generally such games are not deemed to constitute ‘gambling’ & do not foul of the laws prohibiting gambling.


As per the Indian law the game to be considered a ‘game of skill’. The factor of skill must predominate the element of chance in affecting the final results of the game. So, the actual scope to which skill is involved the game is the key factor determination of the nature and legality of the game beneath Indian legislation.


Accordingly, games such as Rummy, Chess, Carrom and Wagering on Horse Races have been recognized by the courts in India as games of skill.