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Privacy Policy

Dolostar Fantasy Private Limited works the entryway in India, which offers cricket through the web-based interface and related Facebook application, accomplice website(s) and mobile application(s) (aggregately called the "Portal") (HDR Technologies LLP referred to thus as "Dolostar" or "we" or "us" "our").

Any individual using the Portal ("User" or "you" or "your") or any of its features incorporating involvement in the different challenges, diversions (counting dream recreations ("Game") ("Amusement Facilities") being directed on the Portal) should be bound by this Privacy Policy.

Dolostar regards the security of its Users and is resolved to ensure it in all regards. With a view to offer an advancing and all encompassing web involvement to its Users, Dolostar offers an immense store of Amusement Facilities. Compassionately set aside opportunity to peruse the 'About Us' area to find out about Dolostar. The majority of the Amusement Facilities are offered for nothing however you may require enrollment to take part in Dolostar's web based recreations. The data about the User is gathered by Dolostar as (I) data provided by Users and (ii) data consequently followed amid User's route on Dolostar.

Before you present any data to the Portal, please read this Privacy Policy for a clarification of how we will treat your own data. By utilizing any piece of the Portal, you agree to the gathering, utilize, revelation and exchange of your own data for the reasons sketched out in this Privacy Policy and to the accumulation, handling and support of this data. In the event that you don't consent to this Privacy Policy, kindly don't utilize the Portal. Your utilization of any piece of the Portal demonstrates your acknowledgment of this Privacy Policy and of the gathering, utilize and revelation of your own data as per this Privacy Policy. While you have the choice not to give us certain data or pull back agree to gather certain data, benevolently take note of that in such an occasion you will most likely be unable to take full preferred standpoint of the whole extent of highlights and administrations offered to you and we save the privilege not to give you our administrations.

Reason and Usage:

To benefit certain Amusement Facilities on the Portal, Users would be required to give certain data to the enlistment procedure specifically:

1. Username

2. Password

3. Email ID

4. Date of birth

Over the span of furnishing you with access to the Amusement Facilities, and to give you access to the highlights and administrations offered through the Portal and to check your personality, you might be required to outfit extra data, including your Permanent Account Number.

Over the span of giving the Amusement Facilities, Users may welcome other existing Users or different clients ("Invited Users") to take part in any of the Amusement Facilities by giving the email address or Facebook username of such clients. Dolostar may from that point utilize this data to contact the Invited User and welcome such client to enroll with Dolostar (if such Invited User isn't a current User) and take an interest in the Game/Amusement Facility in connection to which such individual was welcomed by the User. The investment of the Invited User in any of the Amusement Facilities should be liable to the terms of this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions ( terms-and-conditions) for the utilization of the Portal. The User therefore speaks to that the Invited Users have assented and consented to such revelation to and utilization of their email address and Facebook username by Dolostar.

All required data is particular and in view of the sort of Game/Amusement Facility the User wishes to partake in or get to, and will be used to provide administrations, including however not constrained to the Amusement Facility, asked for by the User. The data as provided by the Users empowers us to enhance the Amusement Facilities and give you the most easy to use diversion encounter. Dolostar may likewise impart such data to partners and outsiders in restricted conditions, including providing administrations asked for by the User, consenting to lawful process, forestalling misrepresentation or unavoidable damage, and guaranteeing the security of our system and administrations.


Dolostar may likewise share data as gave by you and information concerning utilization of the Amusement Facility and support in the Games with outsider specialist co-ops drew in by Dolostar, with the end goal of information investigation or other comparable purposes, with the end goal of capacity, enhancing the administrations and helping Dolostar serve you better.

Where we propose to utilize your own data (that is, data that that might be utilized to distinguish the User and that isn't generally openly accessible) for some other uses we will guarantee that we advise you first. You will likewise be given the chance to withhold or pull back your assent for your utilization other than as recorded previously.

By utilizing the Portal, you therefore explicitly concur and concede agree to the gathering, utilize and capacity of this data by Dolostar. Dolostar maintains all authority to share, reveal and exchange data gathered hereunder with its own associates. In the occasion Dolostar offers or exchanges all or a bit of its business resources, shopper data might be one of the business resources that are shared, unveiled or exchanged as a major aspect of the exchange. You thus explicitly allow agree and authorization to Dolostar for revelation and exchange of data to such outsiders. Further, Dolostar claims all authority to uncover individual data as committed by law, because of properly approved legitimate process, legislative solicitations and as important to secure the rights and interests of Dolostar.

Utilization of Cookies:

To enhance the adequacy and ease of use of the Portal for our Users, we utilize "treats", or such comparative electronic devices to gather data to allocate every guest a special arbitrary number as a User Identification (User ID) to comprehend the User's individual advantages utilizing the distinguished PC. Unless the User intentionally distinguishes himself/herself (e.g., through enlistment), Dolostar has no chance to get of knowing who the User is, regardless of whether we appoint a treat to the User's PC. The main individual data a treat can contain is data provided by the User. A treat can't read information off the User's hard drive. Dolostar's promoters may likewise appoint their own particular treats to the User's program (if the User taps on their advertisement standards), a procedure that Dolostar does not control.

Dolostar's web servers consequently gather constrained data about User's PC's association with the Internet, including User's IP address, when the User visits the Portal. (Client's IP address is a number that lets PCs joined to the Internet know where to send information to the User -, for example, the website pages saw by the User). The User's IP address does not distinguish the User by and by. Dolostar utilizes this data to convey its pages to Users upon ask for, to tailor its Portal to the interests of its clients, to quantify movement inside the Portal and let promoters know the geographic areas from where Dolostar's guests come.


Dolostar additionally incorporates links to different sites. Such sites are administered by their separate protection approaches, which are outside Dolostar's ability to control. Once the User leaves Dolostar's servers (the User can tell where he/she is by checking the URL in the area bar on the User's program), utilization of any data gave by the User is administered by the security arrangement of the administrator of the site, which the User is going by. That arrangement may contrast from Dolostar's own. In the event that the User can't discover the security approach of any of these locales by means of a connection from the site's landing page, the User may contact the site straightforwardly for more data. Dolostar isn't in charge of the protection hones or the substance of such sites.

Security Procedures:

All data accumulated on Dolostar is safely put away inside Dolostar-controlled database. The database is put away on servers secured behind a firewall; access to such servers being watchword ensured and entirely constrained in light of need-to-know premise. Be that as it may, we comprehend that as powerful as our safety efforts seem to be, no security framework is impervious. In this manner, we can't ensure the security of our database, nor would we be able to ensure that data you supply won't be blocked while being transmitted to us over the Internet. Further, any data you incorporate into a presenting on the talk regions will be accessible to anybody with Internet get to. By utilizing the Portal, you comprehend and concur that your data might be utilized as a part of or exchanged to nations other than India.

Dolostar additionally trusts that the web is a regularly developing medium. We may intermittently survey every once in a while and change our protection approach to consolidate such future changes as might be viewed as fitting, with no notice to you. Our utilization of any data we accumulate will dependably be predictable with the arrangement under which the data was gathered, paying little respect to what the new approach might be. Any progressions to our protection strategy will be posted on this page, so you are constantly mindful of what data we gather, how we utilize it, how we store it and under what conditions we unveil it.


At the point when Dolostar presents data to it's online publicists - to enable them to comprehend our gathering of people and affirm the benefit of promoting on the Portal - it is for the most part as totaled measurements on movement to different pages inside our webpage. When you enroll with Dolostar, we get in touch with you every now and then about refreshing your substance to give highlights which we accept may profit you.

A few fraudulent messages, sites, web journals and so on guaranteeing to be from or related with Dolostar may or are circulating on the Internet. These messages, sites, web journals and so on frequently incorporate our logo, photographs, connections, content or other data. A few messages, sites, websites and so forth call the client to give login name, secret password and so forth. or on the other hand that the client has won a prize/blessing or give a strategy to confer illicit/unapproved act or deed or demand point by point individual data or an installment or some likeness thereof. The sources and substance of these messages, sites, web journals and so forth and going with materials are not the slightest bit related with Dolostar. For your own particular insurance, we firmly prescribe not reacting to messages or utilizing sites, websites and so forth. We may utilize the data gave by you to Dolostar, including your email address or telephone number, to get in touch with you about the Amusement Facilities or different administrations benefited by you or to advise you of our Amusement Facilities and administrations.

States of Use:


Maintenance of Data:

Your own data might be retained and may keep on being utilized until: (I) the important purposes for the utilization of your data portrayed in this Privacy Policy are never again appropriate; and (ii) we are never again required by pertinent law, controls, authoritative commitments or honest to goodness business purposes to hold your own data and the maintenance of your own data isn't required for the foundation, exercise or protection of any lawful case.

Appropriate Law and Jurisdiction:

By going to this Portal, you concur that the laws of the Republic of India without respect to its contention of laws standards, represent this Privacy Policy and any debate emerging in regard concerning this should be liable to and administered by the question determination process set out in the Terms and Conditions /terms-and-conditions.

Refreshing Information:

You will instantly advise Dolostar if there are any progressions, updates or alterations to your data. Further, you may likewise audit, refresh or change your data and client inclinations by signing into your Profile page on the Portal.

Get in touch with Us:

Any inquiries or illuminations regarding this Policy or any protests, remarks, concerns or criticism can be sent to Dolostar at: [email protected]

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